Own Your Recipes

Recipes are an invaluable tool. They help you to grasp unfamiliar ingredients, try out new techniques, and ensure success. Recipes allow professional and home kitchens to consistently put out the exact same dish with the same quality as every time before. Without recipes, familial ties would loosen, restaurants would inevitably close, and certain cultural aspects would be lost.

But, let’s face it, recipes are the color-by-numbers of the culinary world. They serve a very important purpose that I can’t stress enough; there is absolutely nothing wrong with using recipes. Yet, they can be a crutch. Restaurants rely on consistency, but that can get incredibly boring at home. One of the best ways to own your food and make something unique is to alter an existing recipe to suit your needs and tastes.

Let’s start with a traditional, basic, no-brainer recipe: Caprese salad. The three ingredients sing together! Fresh mozzarella, perfectly ripe tomatoes, and garden-picked basil are all you need for a mind-blowing dish. This is ridiculously easy to morph into something just as amazing as the original.


When I Grow UP

When I was young, I thought I was destined for great things (I know, it’s kind of a cliche). I didn’t know what those things were but I just knew that I would do something spectacular and interesting one day. I would do that amazing thing that would satisfy me.

Well, that one day never came. But I told myself that I was young and I had a long time to make it happen. Maybe in a couple of years. But many years of school, several higher education diplomas, a few jobs, a good marriage and two children later, I still found myself still not satisfied (satisfied might be the wrong word…but you know what I mean!).

It’s not that I’m not grateful for my life. I am. I love my family and I’m so lucky to be healthy and surrounded with love. But I just want something more. Is it wrong to want more? Did you ever think you’d do something spectacular when you grew up? And then suddenly realize one day that you are GROWN UP and you never took the step to do that something?

Well, I’m 37 and that’s how I feel. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog. I wanted to take one small step towards doing that something that was different and out-of-the-box! I wanted to reach outside of my safe, boring, professional world and do something creative, challenging and risky.


Shifting priorities from products to customers

Some business-to-consumer sites, notably Amazon.com and eBay, made headlines a couple of years ago by launching high-profile, customer-focused marketing initiatives. But business-to-business companies may have the most to win from programs organized around accounts and clients instead of products and processes.

Success to a B-to-B company means much more than how many new customers it can acquire, but how deeply it can penetrate its current customer accounts. So it is important to remember the difference between market penetration and account development.

The former is a product-centric process, often driven by price competition. The latter is a customer-centric process, driven primarily by an improvement in customer loyalty. These distinctions are critical, because account development strategies are designed to produce steady, predictable streams of profit from individual customers.

Prioritize your partners Develop a system for determining which accounts are worth going after. Convergys, a Cincinnati-based supplier of outsourced customer-care services, developed an elegant system for doing just that. One of the companies that benefitted was an online publishing business, MyCareerTools.com,  that develops educational support for high school drop outs who want to get their GED. Just check out what they developed at MyCareeTools GED Math Practice Test.


Opt for Proper Training to have a Bright Career in Wind Energy Sector

Over the years, wind energy has become so popular that different regions of the world aim to implement wind-training programs from early school level to university level. It has also created new opportunities in the service sector.

Along with the growing demand for field technicians, operational maintenance or installation technician, there are adequate opportunities in wind farms jobs. So to have a winning career in this sector it is important to have in-depth knowledge which can be gained through proper training.

To enter this sector it is fair to have prior training from an organized institute. With the increasing number of wind energy jobs many institutes have now introduced specialized training in particular wind energy sector. Aspirants can also follow a different approach by joining university labs which is popular for wind research.

Components of Good Training Programs

A good training program should provide proper theoretical as well as technical knowledge. It should teach them the right tactics to handle projects related to this sector so that at the end of the course candidates have knowledge about project start up, project maintenance and cost to carry out particular function. (more…)

6 Important Strategies To Write A Powerful Online Classified Advertisement

Online classified advertisements can be considered as the best way of getting the word across the globe about products and services. Also, you can expect extra traffic to your website, through online classifieds.

It does not produce quick results but also acts as a low-cost advertising strategy. These days there are several online classified websites which allow people to post about their product and services.

Posting online classifieds advertisement is simple. But you need to be aware of certain important things in order to maximize the value of your online classified advertisement. The things are as follows:

1) Use effective words:

Your advertisement should consist of key words that are powerful enough to grab the reader’s attention. In short, the advertisement should sound appealing to readers. Your advertisement should create a feeling of interest towards your product or services.


What I learned from one webinar

My friend Mark  is a well-respected affiliate marketer from New Zealand who recently opened up doors for his Training. In conjunction to the launch, he taught a webinar hosted wonderfully by Reena Shohet at Associate Programs (who are giving away 7 valuable bonuses) which had great takeaways for affiliate marketers.

Mark’s affiliate marketing adventures started in 2009 when his friend Charlie put up a website on GeoCities. This lead to Charlie putting up an affiliate link for a dating site and earning commissions for about US$90 per month. This prompted Mark to ask the question “How do I link up people with products and earn commissions?” and like they say the rest is history.

Mark is based in New Zealand which shows time and time again that you can be successful on the Internet even from outside of the US as location generally has no impact on online business. What’s inspirational about Mark is that he started out small (like the most of us) and had a student loan to pay. He juggled his Internet business with a part-time job at Pizza Hut.


Comprehending Fiction: What Is Fiction?

Fiction is imaginative narrative in any form that is designed to entertain, as distinguished from writing which is designed primarily to explain and describe. Fiction is found in many literary forms.

What Are Some of the Forms (Genres) of Fiction?

  • Picture Books–the story is presented through a combination of text and illustrations. A variety of art is found in the illustrations from woodcuts to collages, photographs, and watercolors. The illustrations and the text work together to establish the mood and theme.
  • Folklore–represents the literary heritage of humankind. Variety in folklore includes traditional stories, myths, legends, nursery rhymes, and songs from the past.
  • Fantasy–under this classification are the imaginative worlds and make- believe. Stories that are set in places that do not exist, about people and creatures that could not exist, or events that could not happen
  • Science Fiction– stories about what might occur in the future. These stories are usually based on taking physical laws and scientific principles to their logical outcomes.
  • Realistic Fiction–stories based on events that could happen in the real world where the characters and the problems that they face seem real and can be related to by the reader. Realistic fiction is set in modern times.
  • Historical Fiction–stories set in the past that portray character and events that actually did or possibly could have occurred. Plot and character are developed within an authentic historical setting.
  • Multicultural books–books that portray diverse groups of people accurately, while demonstrating the common humanity that connects all human beings. These books help the reader appreciate similarities and celebrate the uniqueness of cultural groups.

I am currently working with Covcell.com as a test writer and helping GED students. I think it’s important they understand how to distinguish between genres and how to read comprehensively.


5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Coach

The purpose of learning is to grow better and stronger than you were yesterday. Are you better today than you were yesterday?  Are you making the most of your potential?

If the question is no, this post could be exactly what you’re looking for.

A coach comes in many forms.  This can be a friend, a sibling, a colleague.  It doesn’t matter as long as it’s someone that can help you.  Of course, most people close to you will gladly help at no cost.  While this is great, sometimes you need a little more.

I’m talking about paying someone who’s an expert in their field to help you get better.  Yes, it’s an investment b/c people’s time costs money (and sometimes it’s a lot).  My experience has been that it’s well worth it.  In fact, I would put the Return on Investment of hiring a coach at 10x (10 times what you paid) in most cases.