Crispy, Crunchy Snack Time

After tweeting a few days ago about our quest to find healthy and satisfying snacks, the good folks at Pretzel Crisps asked us if they could drop off a few bags of their snack for us to try. Yes, please! We were expecting a bag, at most, but instead they dropped off one of each of their 9 flavors (5 of their “Deli Style” and 4 of their “Modern Classics”- found here).

After sampling, ahem all of them ahem, our favorite was definitely this guy:
The bag, it did not last long between the four people who sampled it. Yum yum yum! We are totally loving the crunch, and the tiny bit of salt on top totally satisfied our chip craving. Sealing the deal of our Pretzel Crisp loving: they delivered our crisps in these reusable bags!

Our morning snack today: Supreme Pretzel Crisps and a scoop of hummus

Supreme Pretzel Crisps and a scoop of hummus – super good, really filling and less than 200 calories!

Pretzel Crisps gave us free pretzels to try, but the opinions expressed in this post are solely our own! They didn’t pay us to write this, we just loved ’em and wanted to share with you!

Spring Has Sprung, Y’all! 

Check out our springy mantel!
We added a few inexpensive spring accents thanks to an awesome 50% off sale at Michaels!

We snagged the green tea light cup and yellow bird for a mere $1.50 each!

The bird houses were $1.00 for the little one and $1.99 for the taller one (only $1.00 with the 50% off coupon we had!).

We stuck on some cheery Robin’s egg blue paint and some pretty cream and brown floral scrapbook paper with Mod Podge and prettied em up in just a few minutes!

Oh and here are some cute little pink faux florals! I’m usually not a huge fan, but I really wanted some extra foliage since we’re not getting the real deal for quite some time.

Aren’t these little pink flowers so cute? They’re tucked into a cream colored vase. I love them.

Here’s a little nest for our nest. Actually just some plastic eggs tucked into a braided wreath from Dollar Tree.

The total for our little spring makeover? Under $15!!! That gives us quite the spring fever!

Cold Turkey

Happy Tuesday! Oh my how I love how much spring is springing in our neck of the woods! I think that after a New England winter, the colors of spring are so astonishing- every single year. I always think “it wasn’t this gorgeous last year!”.

Speaking of spring, here’s a springy salad I had for lunch yesterday- it was so yummy! All I want to eat lately is salad + protein. Maybe this is a signal that my body is working out it’s insulin issues? I’m not craving sugar as fiercely as I did a few months ago. Wooooooo!

Toasted whole wheat bread, cracked pepper turkey, baby spinach. Salad greens, herb goat cheese and 1/2 of a Fuji apple. Oil, lemon juice and cider vinegar. And some homemade pickles. Mmmm.

This lunch satisfies all of my cravings- tangy vinaigrette, crunchy apples and toast, creamy goat cheese, sweet apple. Oh, and it’s pretty healthy too!

What I Love Wednesday

The weather today is so weird! It’s humid, but a little chilly thanks to an ocean breeze. It’s about to rain, and since we planted the first of our garden this past weekend I’m happy for the free water!

Anyway, I need a morale boost so I decided to share with y’all what I’m loving this week as part of <3 Lollipop’s What I Love Wednesday! Go check all of the awesome stuff she’s got going on!

1. Pinterest! It’s like shopping, but free! I’m a pinning fool.
2. My garden. It’s incredible to grow something from seed.
3. Re-doing furniture. Cheapy cheap way to breathe new life into your old stuff.
4. Modern Family! Mike and I are obsessed. (via)

What are you loving today? Are you Pinterest-obsessed, too?

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