Outdoor Life

I’ve mentioned before how much I love our porch. It’s a quiet little retreat from the city- green, breezy and relaxing. When I saw Gussy’s Inspiration Workshop post for today, I just had to join! It’s all about the porch!!!

I love to walk out here before cooking dinner and gather fresh herbs! We’re growing thyme, rosemary, and basil!

Our porch looks out onto our backyard and our neighbor’s backyard- this is their gorgeous rose bush that has crawled up the fence that separates our yards! How lovely! When we’re having dinner on the porch, I can gaze down onto our thriving little garden! It’s pretty nice to eat dinner with garden fresh veggies and see right where they grew!

Mike and I spend almost every night in the summer out on the porch. We catch up while dinner is cooking. We share a meal. We play board games while the sun goes down.

We listen to music out there. We enjoy time with friends. We have a cup of coffee on lazy weekend mornings. We discuss the important and the mundane. We celebrate and we problem solve. Sometimes, we just sit together and hold hands. It’s our little place and I love every moment we spend on our little porch.

Big Baby News

Did you hear the big news? No, it’s not that my lovely young neighbor just had her first child, a beautiful baby girl, or that the sweet woman in my playgroup had her second son last Thursday. No, that’s not news, the BIG news is that Angelina Jolie had her twins! Oh yes, if you haven’t heard already, let me tell you: the WORLD is abuzz with the news. And why shouldn’t they be. A woman gave birth to twins! When does that ever happen? Oh yeah, all the time.

If you didn’t sense it through the computer screen, let me spell it out. I’m a just a little bit bitter about the Angie hysteria. I mean really people, what is the BIG DEAL? OK, she’s a movie star/UN spokeswoman/savior of all third world children/out-of-the-box mom and her “partner” is one of the Sexiest Men Alive (which I think is the stupidest title ever since People Magazine‘s pool of men is limited to a couple of dozen hot-right-now TV and movie actors like, still today, Nick Nolte, Mark Harmon, and Ben Affleck. Aren’t there any more current options?

Yes, they’re famous, I get it, but what on earth is so special about their babies? And on what planet does it make sense that the picture of these babies is worth over $10 Million dollars. Yes, you read it correctly. The first pictures of Knox and Vivienne, I know, it’s silly that I already know their names) are going to be worth somewhere in that ballpark.

It’s not that I think that Angie’s children aren’t special, I’m sure they are special to the people that know them and ARE RELATED TO THEM, I just think they are not more special than anyone else’s children. And even though I understand that people might be curious to see pictures of the fruit of two beautiful loins, I don’t understand the extreme extent of that curiosity.

I, for one, am way more excited about seeing pictures of my neighbor and my girlfriends’ baby pictures!