Relish the Valley: Life in the Low Points

What if your low point could be a high point? What if this time of desperation could be a time of spiritual growth and increased understanding unlike any you have experienced before? It certainly won’t be, not if you’re lusting for the mountaintop.

The thing is, even when you summit the mountain it won’t deliver the thrill you have longed for if you get this wrong.

My life experience has taught me to laugh at adversity, so this is my message I pass on to all dropouts I meet in my volunteer work. Yes leaving high school is not the best step, but everyone can take online classes and pass the GED exam.

With the GED diploma in hand they  are back in track.  I’m still learning but a little personal schadenfreude goes a long way. If it’s possible to laugh at something, why give it the power of calling it a tragedy?

Unless you get really good at trudging around in the valley, you won’t be able to enjoy the mountain for fear of falling. It will all be too dizzying.



To be an effective leader you need to take advice

Wess Roberts in Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun is already a few years old, but still highly relevant. It has the following general principles about Leadership and advice:

  • A Leader who has a team that always agrees with them will only ever be given mediocre advice
  • A wise Leader never ignores the person who gives bad news but rather ignores the person who fails to give them bad news
  • A sensible Leader never asks questions where they will ignore the answer
  • A Leader who asks the wrong the questions will always hear the wrong answers

Twitter: Probationary review

3500If Twitter were an employee, it would be approaching the end of its first three months with me – that probationary period is a vital proving period in any relationship, and it’s a good idea to take stock of what you’ve learned, what’s been fun, and what needs to change. In an attempt to make this useful for the Hive, I’m going to use the tried-and-trusted list of 11 points.

Twitter veterans will have nothing to learn here, but hopefully the newness of these perspectives will be of use to some of you.

1. Pedal! Pedal!

I read today that 20% of Twitter accounts are completely and utterly dead. Yep. Never lifted a finger. I am surprised this figure isn’t higher, as the sign-up to Twitter is like being thrust onto a dancefloor in complete darkness.


What A Waste Of Time

I hate how I waste so much time when I’m off work. I’ve done nothing productive the week, apart from washing all my bed linen and walking the dog for at least an hour every day down the country roads.

But apart from that I’ve been sat in front of my laptop (playing Be A Tycoon on Bebo and SimCity4 obsessively) or catching up on TV shows that I seem to have missed huge chunks of over the past few weeks. I might want some inspiration…

I suppose in some sense, that was productive. But I haven’t done what I should have this week. Important things like studying for my personal license exam which is next week, or finishing decorating the hall upstairs which my mother started before she headed to Hong Kong and Australia.

She’s a bit like me that way, starting something but not finishing it. It one of my worst traits. It’s the exam bit that’s worrying me, if I don’t pass it then I don’t get a personal license certificate and then I can’t be granted a premises license to sell alcohol and thus can’t be a store manager anymore. That’s a biggie.


The Road Less Traveled

cf13d0eee979defebfc726814cc9be8cWhy One Woman Chose to Make the Public School Her Mission Field

Deanna Reed is a woman of compassion, kindness and integrity. She is the wife of Ron Reed, who is the senior pastor at Seerley Creek Christian Church. They have two children, 8 grandchildren, and one great grandson.

Deanna was also an elementary school teacher who taught at a public school for about 30 years. She could have chosen to teach at a Christian school and she would have done a fine job. But she made the conscience choice to teach at a public school.

Deanna made this choice because she knew that the only way some of the students she’d come into contact with will only come to know about Jesus through knowing her. She knew she’d be doing more than teaching the students about reading, writing, math, and history. She would also strive to be a shining example of Jesus’ love for them.


My Tale of Woe

By now you all know I don’t like bugs. Can’t stand them. Hate them.  Yes that’s right … I said hate.mask

A few weeks ago some of you laughed/cried/suffered along with me while a cricket tormented me. For over an hour my wonderful husband tried to find the f–n cricket, to no success.

Its sounds kept changing location. We knew it was in the house.

But we couldn’t find it.

Finally after over an hour it stopped. I convinced myself it had left, and went to bed.

But not before D broke our cardinal rule. The rule we agreed to keep to remain happily married.

The rule goes something like this: “If I, D, should happen to find a bug/insect/creepy-crawly when Sara is not around/home/in the same room, I shall never speak of it and never mention it. Sara must never know the bug/insect/creepy-crawly existed.”

So what did he do? He told me that in the past few months he’d had to kill two crickets. IN. MY. HOUSE.


Interview with COO of Share Results

I had the distinct pleasure to interview Nicole Fortunaso, who is the COO of Share Results. She is a veteran in the affiliate industry and has a great deal of insight! Thanks for your time Nicole and we look forward to working with you and your firm in the future!

Q: Can you tell us more about yourself and your company?

A: My name is Nicole Fortunaso and I am the COO for Share Results.  I have been in the affiliate marketing industry for 12 years and am one of the first employees of Share Results.  What I love about this industry is the ability to combine technology, people, businesses and statistics to create an ecosystem of solutions for both affiliates and merchants.

Our company meets this mandate through our tracking software, personalized affiliate management services and boutique affiliate network that focuses on quality, not quantity. (more…)

How to Jumpstart Your Inspiration

Inspiration is like a disease whose symptoms are the words “I don’t feel like it right now.” What can you do when you need a boost of creative inspiration and it just isn’t coming? Work anyway. That’s not the most inspiring advice you’ve gotten today, I’m sure but working regardless of how you feel has some serious benefits.

1. You’ll have something to show. It might suck, but it’s a start

You don’t feel like writing tests  today, but do it anyway (this is my business now: writing SAT questions for tests.) Sure, it won’t be the best effort but editing  is better than not having anything to show at all for your time.

Learning to write tests well also means wading through a lot of stuff. Better get started on that learning curve now. Sure, it’ll be hard at first but if you think running a business online is supposed to be easy let’s just burst that bubble right now.