Snow Day Organization

Oh hello there. Almost didn’t see you beneath the various piles of snow and clutter that are surrounding us today here at TWS Headquarters. Remember a few weeks back when we got really ambitious and promised a closet makeover? Well, that didn’t happen right away.

We got busy, etc. etc. and pushed it back. But…the boxes…they taunted us night and day. We waited for a window of free time to manifest itself, and today it did!

We’re snowed in here in Boston. The perfect excuse to spend hours and hours on a project! But first, some snow photos!

Here is our porch railing. Snowy wonderland.

This is the view from our stoop! Walking in a…well you get the picture. All of our neighbors did a great job shoveling their walks!



So back to the organizing. Remember this?

Oh my gosh. Terrifying.

After a TON of this:

Our formerly horrible closet became less horrible:

And our bookshelf/tv holder got a little organizing, too!

Snow day= success!

Little Closet of Horrors

This blog is causing us to do things we’ve never done before. Like…show you the horrifying insides of our disorganized closets and drawers. You’ve already seen our spice drawer, which was an easy fix. This next thing we’re going to show you- not so much. In our apartment, we have TWO closets. One in the bedroom and one for the entire rest of the place.

This entryway closet has to serve approximately 33,000 purposes- storage for craft, tool, photo, office, decoration, gift wrapping, sewing machine/supply, tech component, etc. etc. etc. Might I add that this cave of wonders measures in at just 30 inches wide by 21 inches deep? Oh yeah. Roomy.

Deep breath. Here goes:


It’s not that we haven’t made attempts at organizing.

Not good enough. We still have tons of this to deal with:

This is our “to be filed” file. Which is constantly overflowing because…we don’t have anywhere to file it! Go figure.

Our solution???

Be scared, closet. Be very, very scared.

We scored a bunch of these nifty Kassett boxes at IKEA for…wait for it…$.75/each!!!! Bargain!!!

Our plan is to use these babies to stash our design magazines, receipts for taxes and various other things to be filed. We also picked up a few other boxes with lids in hopes of corralling all of the things that don’t have homes, yet.

We’re feeling super daunted by this project, but excited at the same time. Of course, we’ll keep you posted with the progress! We’re hoping to tackle it over the weekend, so keep your eyes peeled on Monday.

What about you? Are there any organizing nightmares that you’re hoping to tackle this year?? Comment and let us know!

Bear With Us….

We’re having an unexpectedly busy week, which is causing some projects to get pushed to the side. We work as hard as we can on keeping our posting consistent, so please accept our apologies as we try to figure out our new schedule for the new year. In the meantime, we leave you with this…

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