Tiny Holidays: Holiday Decor We Heart

Hey y’all! If you’re anything like us, this time of year consists of lots of oooh-ing and aaah-ing over all of the genius holiday decor showing up around the blogosphere! Here are some standouts that have us double-checking our decorating budget to see if there is a little extra room!

1) Sweet holiday vignettes

This mantel from Crate and Barrel is so gorgeous and elegant. I love the muted color pallet manages be traditional and modern all at the same time. This would be SO easy to recreate on your mantel. Plus, the Angelique stockings are adorable.

Spring Vignettes Collage






I want to live in Decor Chick’s house.

Her mantel (which she made from a decorative ledge!!!) is so sweet and rustic. I love the woodsy elements combined with a little sparkle from the stocking hangers.

2) Unexpected pops of color

The lime green!!! The adorable ornament frame!!! I can’t take it. Bravo, Better Homes, and Gardens. This made me want to completely change my Christmas color scheme.

Faints: I could not imagine a cuter pink Christmas setup (from Country Living). Aside from maybe…

Nicole’s glorious pink tree from Making It Lovely. I cannot think of anyone else who could pull off a hot pink Christmas tree and make it look amazing and classy.

3) Interesting shapes

I die for these square wreaths from Better Homes and Gardens. These would be so easy to DIY- they also have about 950 other cute wreath ideas. I think they would look so cute with garland instead of greenery.

How gorgeous are these babies from the genius Design*Sponge? I think I’ll whip up a batch of these to hang from our huge picture window.

What are your fave holiday decor blogs??? Let us know!

Tiny Sugar: Cookie Decorating

With all of the amazing baking sites around (Bakerella, Bake at 350, I am Baker) that feature gorgeously decorated cookies, I couldn’t help but try and jump on the bandwagon. Bake at 350 has a great recipe for royal icing made with meringue powder that looked great and easy, so I ran out to grab myself a can. What resulted was a gorgeously thick icing perfect to pipelines around my cookies.

They came out pretty well for it being my first time to use the line and flood method. I still have tons of dough to practice on.
This one is for my little sister who loves the color pink. We dyed this frosting hot pink and the other batch lime green because I’ve declared my love for all things pink and lime this year.

How about you? Did you do any cookie making/decorating this weekend? Tell us about it!!!



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