Visions of Daffodils Dancing in my Head

Oh man. I’m officially over winter. D-o-n-e. I know that I live in New England, and that winter lasts until April here. I know that’s it’s only mid-January. That doesn’t mean I can’t start doing a little spring day-dreaming. I decided to brighten up my (and hopefully your) day by putting together a little spring decor inspiration- inspired by this cute spring wardrobe wishlist over at Bower Power!

C’mon spring!


The Living Room

Our main living space is currently rocking a mis-match of greens, yellows and browns. Not even nearly as fun as it sounds. Here’s what I would do to brighten it up for spring:

1) Add some bright accents that won’t break the budget.

Canary tea light holders from CB2 for only $7.95/each!

2) DIY some new felt flower pillows, inspired by the ones we found at Z-Gallerie which are out of our budget at $49.95.

3) Bring in some nature to give our living room- nests, plants and bird accents are all floating our decorating boat right now!

-Moss balls found at Crate and Barrel- $12.95 for a set of 9.

-We will find some unfinished wooden birdhouses at the craft store and paint ‘em ourselves! The ones on our board are from West Elm and are priced between $24 and $34 bucks.

The Kitchen

Our poor, poor multi-tasking kitchen. Oh kitchen. You have so much potential, if only someone would pay attention to you. Your dark wood cabinets and linoleum floors are crying out for a makeover. Since we don’t own this place, we’re not willing to put money into renovations but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretty it up a little! I’m dreaming of a bright, girly upgrade…

1) Cute, cheap and sunny- a bowl full of citrus is the cure to a blah day. I’d put them in this gorgeous, mid-century inspired bowl from Crate and Barrel for a mere $14.95.

2) Don’t you love these mod place mats from Krista at CraftsbyKJ on Etsy? At $24 for a set of 4 they are such an easy way to de-frost your dinner parties! Oh, and as a bonus- they’re reversible!!!

3) A huge bouquet of daffodils is a sure sign that spring is around the corner. This gorgeous arrangement can be found at a local florist here in Boston, Central Square Florist, but you can certainly find them at your grocery store or farmer’s market.

Oh, and how much do you LOVE these happy little laundry hampers? At $20 bucks, it’s an affordable way to take the drudgery out of my most hated chore. Crunch Can by Umbra at the Container Store.


1) We already talked a little about wanting a headboard. I think upholstering it in a gorgeous, saturated color would be awesome.

2) I plan on making a bunch of these bad boys from some t-shirts that I’ll pick up at Goodwill. I’m thinking that some pinks and greens would help us get our spring on. Check out the AWESOME tutorial from Floral Showers!!

3) I’d add some romantic candles to brighten up our otherwise dark bedroom- these guys from CB2 are only $1.95-$3.95/each!

4) We were gifted with a gift card to Blik, so we’re thinking of adding one of these cute (and springy) decals over our otherwise boring bed. This “Insomnia” decal is $35 and completely removable/re-stickable!


So that’s how we’re planning on beating the winter blues. How about you?? Leave us a comment and let us know how you’re thawing out!

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