What A Waste Of Time

I hate how I waste so much time when I’m off work. I’ve done nothing productive the week, apart from washing all my bed linen and walking the dog for at least an hour every day down the country roads.

But apart from that I’ve been sat in front of my laptop (playing Be A Tycoon on Bebo and SimCity4 obsessively) or catching up on TV shows that I seem to have missed huge chunks of over the past few weeks. I might want some inspiration…

I suppose in some sense, that was productive. But I haven’t done what I should have this week. Important things like studying for my personal license exam which is next week, or finishing decorating the hall upstairs which my mother started before she headed to Hong Kong and Australia.

She’s a bit like me that way, starting something but not finishing it. It one of my worst traits. It’s the exam bit that’s worrying me, if I don’t pass it then I don’t get a personal license certificate and then I can’t be granted a premises license to sell alcohol and thus can’t be a store manager anymore. That’s a biggie.

I suppose I still have the entire weekend to study the book that I’ve been given, but it’s so much reading. A lot of the information I already know but because the law’s changing there’s so much new stuff to cram into my head, and lots of changes.

Like the hours you can legally sell or buy alcohol; that’s going to be a good one explaining to customers since it shortens the hours during the day when you can purchase alcohol by 2 hours. Which is a lot, really since at the moment you can only sell booze for 14 hours a day at the moment in a store like mine.

Ah well, I did well in my exams at school by leaving everything to the last minute, I’m sure I’ll be fine. And on that note, I’m going back to my game.



I’ve been off work now for nearly two weeks (although it doesn’t feel like that) and I’ve successfully done nothing the entire time. Well, except from make the journey to T In The Park and see two of my favorite bands. And tidied my bedroom, started making a new bag with an old pillow case, made two charm necklaces and started on a DNA-style bracelet… right ok, I’ve done quite a bit.

I must admit I have been feeling quite crafty the past few days. The new bag that I’m making with my mum’s sewing machine is pretty darn awesome since it’s made out of polka dot material. And I love polka dots. I just have to find some material to make the handles as I don’t want them to be polka dot. But I’m a bit strange like that.

The two necklaces were for girls that I used to work with, they’d asked me about one I wear all the time and I said that I would make them their own necklaces since I’d handmade mine. I hope they like them. One of them is inspired by diamond heart jewelry on this website, but instead of diamonds I’ve made it with clear seed beads and it actually looks pretty darn cute.

After I’d finished making them I’ve wrapped them up in boxes that I made myself from old match boxes covered in cool wrapping paper that I bought in Paris the last time I was there. Which was about 7 years ago. See that’s the benefit of turning your room upside down to tidy it, you come across things you’d forgotten about.

Today I think I’m going to finish off this bracelet that I’m making for myself. It’s very simple but takes such a long time to do because the beads are so tiny. I’m going to post a tutorial once it’s finished since I’ve been asked by many customers and colleagues where I got the one I’m currently wearing and it makes me happy that my answer is “I made it myself“.

Strangely, its mid-summer but I’ve already started thinking about Christmas and all the things that I can make for my staff as presents. Necklaces, charm bracelets, notebooks…oh my. I should get started now.

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